Jiaxing Daming Industrial Co., Ltd. is an industrial and trade enterprise integrating manufacturing, processing, import and export operations

Jiaxing Daming industrial Co.,Ltd.founded in the mid 1980s,is mainly engaged in manufacturing,processing,and international trade.It is located in Jiaxing city,a famous tourist attraction,and is only one hour's drive from Shanghai.

Daming's production mainly covers:medical stainless steal pipes,dairy fittings,industrial fittings,marine fittings and pressure vessels,all of which are exported to European and US markets.

Under the motto of "Quality is life,Credit is foundation",Daming strictly adheres to ISO 9001:2000 standards,and has thus obtained PED(97/23/EC)&AD-2000 WO certificates.

  • The headquarter boasts spacious plants,standard equipments,advanced inspection facilities,and pleasant environment.Also it has several subsidiaries and a number of senior professional engineers who are devoted to R&D.Daming's operation has been in perfect order since its foundation,thanks to its commitment to quality,credit and customized service.

  • We Chinese believe that a comparison of goods makes armature eyes professional.We sincerely welcome clients to visit our company and create a beautiful future with us hand in hand.


  • Enterprise spirit

    Be brave in striving for excellence

  • Core values

    Integrity and dedication

  • Enterprise purpose

    Innovation and efficiency,
    high-quality development

  • Enterprise style

    Materialistic and realistic


In order to create a mechanism for enterprises to innovate continuously, and to ensure their efficient operation and ability to respond quickly to the market, their organizational structure has undergone a series of dynamic adjustments.

It solves how to continue to maintain innovation ability and contradiction after the expansion of Daming Industry. Not every employee provides personalized innovation space to meet the personalized needs of customers.