China's lock enterprises and private enterprises have become the main force of industry development

Editor:嘉兴市大明实业有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-05-12 

At present, although China is the world's largest hardware producer, there are not many high-precision and high-efficiency products. The phenomenon of low level and low added value is very common, and brand marketing is also seriously lagging behind. If hardware locks are to improve competitiveness, they must expand sales channels and develop high-end products.


The threshold of the current lock industry is relatively low, and the awareness of hardware lock patents is weak. Even if a hardware lock enterprise has an advanced patented technology, similar products will appear in the hardware lock market. The low threshold for hardware locks in the current environment has led to confusion in the hardware lock market. Infringement incidents in the lock market will occur from time to time. Moreover, the hardware lock market lacks brand awareness, and the hardware market can be seen everywhere. Branded and unbranded, in short, are mixed.

Although doors and hardware locks are all downstream industries of real estate, from the perspective of market supply and demand, hardware lock enterprises are subordinate to door enterprises. After more than 10 years of development, the strength of the door enterprise is increasing, and its channels are constantly changing, so the demand for hardware locks is also subtly changing. Therefore, the traditional hardware lock channel has long been unable to meet the needs of door enterprises. Therefore, today's hardware lock companies should not stop looking at the current market on the demand level of previous years. They must have the consciousness of advancing with the times and catering to market needs, understand the heart of door companies, and grasp the market needs of door companies. Only in this way can we seize the opportunity to increase sales and expand market share. Therefore, cooperation with door enterprises is very important.

Most lock companies are lagging behind in marketing brand promotion and channel construction, and the construction of marketing teams is lagging behind. Therefore, lock companies should change the existing channel base, increase the human input of regional marketing teams, actively develop new channels, focus on brand promotion, and strive for balanced development in the national market.

Locking companies often focus on domestic first- and second-tier door companies, but they disdain many developing door companies and lack the prospect of cultivating the market. Through the investigation of several small and medium-sized door enterprises in Panjin and Northeast China, we learned that because the monthly sales volume of the enterprise is not large, the demand for locks is not large. Most door company bosses said that when we seek to cooperate with OEMs for lock-in, most lock companies refrained politely because of the low demand for locks and relatively high mold opening costs. In recent years, with the rapid development of the real estate industry, people's living standards have been greatly improved. Fine decoration units, one-stop shopping, and one-stop factory decoration that are in line with the needs of market consumers are popular, saving people time and Avoid the trouble of selection.

In recent years, China's lock enterprises and private enterprises have sprung up and become the main force in the development of the industry. The transfer of European and American markets will become the key to expanding the marketing channels of China's hardware lock industry.