The hardware industry may usher in five new changes in the future

Editor:嘉兴市大明实业有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-05-12 

Although China has nearly 6,000 hardware and tool manufacturing enterprises, it is still not a strong country. From the perspective of historical evolution, the world's hardware and tool manufacturing industry has experienced the process of transferring from Europe and the United States to Japan, Taiwan, and India, and from Japan, Taiwan, and India to China. In coastal areas such as the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, most of China's hardware and tool companies still rely on rough copying for processing and export, or for many large-scale sales contractors for the United States and Japan.

The active exploration of China's hardware tool industry also gives a new direction for the future development of the hardware tool industry. Comparing the development of the international hardware tool industry with the current status of China's hardware tool industry, the hardware tool industry will face adaptation to the market, participate in international competition, and target the world Advanced, actively adjust the product structure, and expand the space for competition is the road to the development of China's hardware tools.

Five major changes facing the hardware tool industry

1. To change the current rough tooling production mode of hardware tools, and transform to high-quality hardware At present, most of the products produced by Shanghai tool companies are old faces, rough processing, low energy level and high energy consumption. Most companies use carbon steel materials As a production base for hardware tools. The profit of the product is about 8-10%. The profit of a wire cutter and a wrench is only a few cents, and the selling price is only less than 10 yuan. The raw materials used in the production of foreign hardware tools are mainly chrome vanadium alloy steel. The prices of the produced fine hardware tools are all around 100 yuan, and the price difference is 10 times, which is not commensurate with the status of the Shanghai metropolis. Domestic and foreign commercial and advanced manufacturing industries are looking forward to high-quality products.

2. To change the old face of the current hardware and tool products, and to transform our hardware tools products into independent innovation. There is a broad space for development. It is reported that an enterprise of the United States Sneon Tool Company produces more than 3,000 varieties of hardware tools and tens of thousands of specifications. , Equivalent to 6 times the sum of our country's tool products, so don't keep staring at old products, old faces, and open your mind. If there is no major breakthrough in varieties and styles, it will not be able to adapt to the requirements of the international and domestic markets. The variety and quantity of hardware tools products must increase significantly. The development of new products should be increased to fill the gaps in hardware tool products. Hardware The tool industry can have new vitality. In this regard, Danaher Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Evergreen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Junma Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Wosch Horticulture Co., Ltd. are at the forefront, with new products every year and development every year.

3. To change the traditional sales model to the modern sales network

To establish a modern marketing system, seven extensions are needed. One is to extend to the domestic first-class trade fair and first-class hardware city, so that its products become a comprehensive platform for display, communication and cooperation. The second is to extend to the direction of internationalization, to attract more foreign merchants with preferential policies. The third is to extend to the invisible market, gradually realize the extension of e-commerce online transactions, and establish an online market. The fourth is to extend to the distribution market. Fifth, extend to the chain market, build a unified sub-market with unified name, unified logo, and unified distribution throughout the country. Sixth, it extends to the equipment industry. Seventh, set up a marketing agency in the field to make it a frontier position for products to be pushed to the field.

4. To shift to implementing brand strategy

Luo Baihui, a well-known brand marketing expert in the hardware and mold industry, believes that companies should formulate brand building plans, increase investment in technological re-selection and technological innovation, improve product quality, and develop towards specialized, sophisticated, special, and new brand directions to attract market attention and turn dry into a silk , Among the forests of world brands.

5. To change the current single-handedness phenomenon of hardware tool manufacturers, take the road of joint and cooperative brands.

Nowadays, China's industrial development is changing rapidly, and hardware tools must keep up with China's industrial development in order to meet the rapid development needs of all walks of life. Like the Shida brand, it will unite China's best production enterprises to produce superior products, with 30% per year The increasing of last year's quality hardware alliance is a good form of gathering the best hardware tools to participate in the international exhibitions in the Shanghai shipping industry and mold industry.

At present, China is in a period of economic transition, and the development of the hardware and tool industry is also facing major adjustments. We believe that after 30 years of reform, as long as we take the scientific concept of development as the lead, accelerate the transformation of the development mode and adjust the structure, and seize the development opportunities in the face of adversity, the hardware and tools industry will look completely new.