China Plumbing and Sanitary Hardware Export Base

Editor:嘉兴市大明实业有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-05-12 

In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Goat, an article "Going to Japan to Buy a Toilet Cover" went viral on the Internet, making people suspect that China cannot make high-tech toilet covers.

"Actually, otherwise, our bathroom technology in Taizhou is not worse than abroad. Luqiao's plumbing and sanitary ware has formed a large-scale industry, and some technologies are even better than them." This sentence comes from Lin Huayou, chairman of Oulusha Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

In Luqiao, the plumbing and sanitary hardware industry has created a complete industrial chain. At the beginning of this year, as China's plumbing and sanitary hardware export base was settled in Luqiao, it is of great significance to optimize and upgrade the structure of Luqiao sanitary ware industry and promote industrial transformation.

As one of the five leading industries in Luqiao District, plumbing and sanitary hardware has formed a relatively complete industrial system and industrial chain. As of the end of October 2014, there were more than 150 plumbing and sanitary hardware manufacturing enterprises in the district. The value of the goods is about 1.57 billion yuan.

In recent years, some leading companies on the road and bridge have continued to grow bigger and stronger on the road of innovation, forming a number of distinctive economic regions. The plumbing and sanitary industry is one of the leaders. Lin Huayou said: "We must seize the opportunity to further expand the brand effect of" international intelligent manufacturing "."

From "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", although only a word difference, but for the long-term development of sanitary ware enterprises is of far-reaching significance. "In the face of rising industry costs and shrinking profit margins, low product grades and lagging brand building have become obstacles to the development of the industry." In Lin Huayou's view, in addition to requiring products to pay more attention to intelligence, the word "wisdom" also Require enterprises to deepen transformation and fully enter a new era of machine substitutions.

The establishment of a Chinese plumbing and sanitary hardware export base in Luqiao is of great significance for the full development and utilization of sanitary ware and other resources in the area, cultivating the competitive advantages of industry exports in terms of technology, brand, and service, promoting the optimization and upgrading of the industry structure, and promoting industrial transformation. "After the establishment of the base, the exhibitors will unify the logo of the exhibition and start the brand of the base at international exhibitions such as Frankfurt International Bathroom Air Conditioning in Germany, Milan Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Renewable Energy Exhibition in Italy." Chen Holland, Director of Luqiao District Commerce Bureau Say.